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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do you ship?
A: We ship worldwide. Shipping is free for all US customers; shipping to Canada is $5/1 diaper, $6/2, $7/3, $8/4, $10/5 or $12/6. Shipping to all other destinations worldwide is $10 for 1 nappy, $12 for 2, $13 for 3 and $17 for 4, $20 for 5 or $22 for 6. Please contact me for shipping quotes on other quantities. In the event of a defect or fault, Holden's Landing will cover the return shipping and shipping cost back to the customer. We are not responsible for packages lost, missing or damaged while in transit. In the event of a reshipment due to a postal mishap, postage is the sole responsibility of the customer. Insurance is available upon request (all packages reshipped due to postal issues will be automatically shipped with insurance at the customer's expense).

Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can place an order in a few ways:
Custom orders can be placed via email
Custom slots and instock items may be purchased from Holden's Landing on Hyena Cart or Etsy or from our main store

Q:What are my fabric options?
A: We have many fabric options, something to suit just about everyone!

For an AI2, you have the choice of the following outer fabrics: PUL, fleece, hand dyed cotton or print (knit or woven), or organic bamboo velour (our most popular option). All AI2s are lined with microfleece to prevent wicking/leaking. AI2 soakers/boosters can be topped with either microfleece or organic bamboo velour. PlayScapes, the "scenic" form of our AI2s, have a hand dyed organic bamboo velour outers and microfleece inners.

For a fitted, you have the following fabric choices: Outer fabric can be organic cotton, print (knit or woven), or organic bamboo velour (hand dyed or natural). Inner fabric options are organic bamboo velour (hand dyed or natural) or microfleece. Soaker/Booster can be topped with either organic bamboo velour (hand dyed or natural) or microfleece.

For BedBugs/DreamScapes (and BB+/DS+ nappies), you have the following fabric options: Outer fabric can be organic bamboo velour, organic cotton, print (knits only), or fleece. Inner fabric options are organic bamboo velour or microfleece; soakers/boosters can be topped with organic bamboo velour or microfleece, or choose one of each. You have an additional choice with BedBugs/DreamScapes - the hidden core is generally microfiber, but organic cotton can be substituted upon request. (Hidden core for BB+ nappies is organic bamboo fleece) Choices for core placement for BedBugs and DreamScapes are boy (front), girl (center) and gender neutral (front and center).

Q: Do you dye the inners of BedBugs?
A: I don't dye the inners of BedBugs or DreamScapes. No matter how well dyes are set, if they are saturated for an extended period of time, as would be the case in a night time diaper, there is a chance they could run and I don't want to take any chances with dyes running onto sensitive baby skin. For a colored inner and/or soaker top on a night time diaper, you can choose the microfleece lining option - I carry microfleece in a variety of colors. I will dye the inners of a fitted upon request, and Tri-Tones all have dyed inners.

Q: Can you explain the different dye styles?
A: I dye in a variety of styles: solid, single color mottled, stripe, dip dye, LWI and, some variations.






Solid color dyeing is just that - one solid color, no mottling or mixing of other colors





Tri-Tones are fitteds that have a hand dyed solid color outer, hand dyed solid color inner and hand dyed solid color soaker/booster top.



Single color mottled


Single color, mottled produces various shades of a single color plus some natural




Stripes can be done in any colors, but work best when the colors will run together in a pleasing way (ie having orange and pink, orange and red or orange and yellow next to each other, rather than orange and blue, which will produce a muddy brown where they meet



 Dip Dye


Dip dye involved 2-3 colors running either front to back or left to right, and again works best if the colors will run together in a pleasing way



 LWI (Low Water Immersion)


LWI dyeing is the most common dye technique I use. It produces various shades of the colors chosen, with some veining and mixing of the chosen colors. Results are always one of a kind and never exactly the same, even when dyeing the same colors at the same time (see 4 parrots). * Note about LWI dyeing - if you absolutely hate purple, don't ask for red (or pink) and blue!


Variations/Combinations of styles



 There are variations of these techniques as well. The first picture  shows a double LWI: front is LWI dyed in one set of colors; back is LWI dyed in another set of colors. The second picture shows a dip dye/LWI: the center of the diaper is LWI dyed while the very front and very back are single color dyed


Q: What is the difference between T&T (Turned & Topstitched) and Serged?


A: Serged diapers are he ones that have the "ruffled" (for lack of a better word) areas where the elastic is; T&T diapers lay flat in the elasticized areas. Serged diapers have the decorative finishing that wraps around the edges of the diaper; T&T diapers have no decorative finishing (although they can be topstitched with a decorative stitch, but it would be around the inner edge, not looping around the edges). Serged diapers have front elastic; T&T do not. The first picture shows a serged diaper; second picture shows an identical diaper in T&T style.

Q: How do I choose embroidery?
A: I have thousands of embroidery designs! You can check out my galleries, or Emblibrary or Urban Threads for inspiration - I am never opposed to picking up new embroidery designs! Some people prefer to give me a theme and I will then send some pictures of designs that I have, while some people just give me a theme and ask me to surprise them! Embroidery is included in the price of our DreamScapes, PlayScapes, LoveScapes & LoveScape blankets; embroidery added onto other items (BedBugs, fitteds, AI2s, clothing, pillowcases, etc) is invoiced at $1/1000 stitches.

Q: Do you wholesale?
A: Yes. I am always open to new wholesale accounts. Please email me for details!

Q: Do you do co-op buys?
A: Yes. I take on a few co-op orders per year. Prices are retail price minus 15%. Orders ship free to the US/Canada (to the co-op hostess) and for a discounted rate internationally (actual shipping charge minus domestic shipping charge on he same weight package). I do co-ops differently than most; I have a separate yahoo group for co-op participants to join and put orders into a database. This way I can answer/ask questions about the orders without having to use the co-op hostess as a go-between. Please email me for details!
Q: What about returns/defects?
A: Custom/instock items are not returnable unless there is a defect,in which case, the item will either be repaired or replaced. Returns/replacement requests must be made within 30 days of shipment of item for the US, or within 45 days of shipment of item for international orders, and are only valid if you are the original owner. For defects, shipping will be paid both ways by Holden's Landing; for color or embroidery changes, or anything that is not a defect, buyer is responsible for both return postage postage to reship.

Q: Do you offer a referral program?
A: Yes. If you are a new customer who has been referred by a friend, please let me know your referrer's name! f you are an existing customer who refers new customers, you receive an exclusive 10% coupon code for your first referral (order). For your 5th referral you will receive an exclusive coupon code for 20% off your next order. For your 10th referral you will receive a free diaper :) Referrals over that? We'll talk!

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